Frequently asked questions.

With the "fill my account" option, you simply leave us your account sign in details, and we will sign into your account and fill your account with coins for you. This usually takes around 10-60 minutes depending on the amount you purchase.

With "Pre-filled accounts" we send you an account you can recover on your console. This account will have the amount of coin you purchase in it. You can do whatever you wish with these accounts, however we strongly advise you do not play on them, and use them up within 2-4 weeks. Please note this is only available for Playstation users.

Firstly, decide if you'd like to go for the "Fill my account" or "Pre-filled account". If you go for the "Fill my account" option, then simply enter your account details into our form, disable 2-step verification before entering details here. If you're unsure of your account details, please check them here. Once you've checked out and paid, please make sure you do not login to your account as this will slow the process down. Once you have purchased we will fill your account.

With pre-filled accounts, you will receive account details to an account along with instructions on how to recover it.

Since we're automated, almost 95% of orders will be delivered in minutes. This goes for all our game keys, and fifa coins. Madden and NHL coins are delivered within 5-10 minutes during 10am-11pm EST.
We accept all major credit/debit cards via PayPal and Skrill. We also accept PayPal and BItcoin.
We accept all payment in all currencies. To change the currency scroll to the bottom of the site and use the currency converter screenshot here. Note that though prices are displayed in £ at checkout you will be billed the equivalent amount in your respective currency. To get a better understanding take a look at a currency converter here.
Yes, we are happy to sell to every corner of the globe!
See our affiliate scheme (coming soon)
Security and privacy of our customers is our top priority - so you can rest assured that our encrypted site will keep you both safe and secure. We also don't store any credit/debit card details as payments are all handled by PayPal or Skrill.
Our track record speaks for itself. Battilay has been selling Fifa Ultimate Team coins since 2010, and we have 10's of thousands of very happy customers who have come to us over and over again over the years. Don't just take our word for it though, take a look at our Twitter and Facebook pages!
On the rare occasion your order may be flagged for manual verification. Please check your emails for any verification email or correspondence regarding your order. If you have further queries please email the support team



If you are looking for a specific game/product in our store and do not see it, use this form below to make a request for it. We will try to get it in stock and contact you ASAP!